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|Nissin Seafood Noodle International Shipping Area2

This item is shipped to Area 2(sent by EMS).
You can order 1box.
Payment is Credit Card.(sorry our order system is Japanese)
Additional shipping fee is 5,200yen

[Area2 Countries]

Australia/new zealand


United Arab Emirates/Saudi Arabia/Turkey


※Our order system for credit card is Japanese language.

※Arrival date is different depending on country.

※Some areas can not be delivered by EMS, so please check in advance.

※As for customs duties etc., it follows a rule of recipient country, please check in advance.

※Order with exact address and name.We will not confirm arrival after shipment. We are not responsible for your mistake.

※If you want more noodles, please contact us

国際発送用 第2エリア注文 1個での注文を受付しています。
型番 F005-2
定価 3,600円(税込)
販売価格 3,600円(税込)



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